Maybe All is Not Lost

by Paul Demer

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Maybe All is Not Lost, my second full-length record, was written for and with Galileo Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Mansfield, TX. After serving as Galileo’s worship architect for almost two years the church leadership team approached me with the idea of recording the collection of songs that I had written for worship. Though our musical library is diverse – spanning several hymnals, Taize and Iona meditations, repurposed “secular” radio hits, and songs from contemporary songwriters – we found that there were songs we needed to sing that had yet to be written. So I did my best to write those songs and the church learned them.

That unorganized collection of songs quickly turned into a cohesive whole that closely follows Galileo Church’s order of worship – the centering of our whole selves for worship, the corporate prayer of the church, the reading of and wrestling with scripture, the preaching of the Good News, the confession of our sins, and the affirmation of our Lord’s all-inclusive table. Because of this, Maybe All is Not Lost is meant to be listened to as a complete work, not just as a playlist of songs. I hope you’ll pray through these songs on your own, use them in a small group, or even incorporate them into worship at your own church.

From a lyrical standpoint, Maybe All is Not Lost is the heir of 2,000 years of Christian discipleship and liturgy. Though Galileo Church finds itself in the progressive sphere of the Mainline Protestant tradition, we recognize that we, like our ancestors, don’t have it all figured out. The “Maybe” in the album’s title has implications not just for the humble voice of the church but also for the album’s lyrics. These songs are the honest expressions of the tensions between doubt and faith, despair and hope. I often find that the moment I think I know for sure, I really know nothing at all – the moment I think I’ve arrived, I find I’ve really just begun. So these songs are breadcrumbs along a path of continual seeking, pursuing. I cling to the hope that maybe all is not lost - that someday we, the persecuted and the persecutor, will sit at table with Jesus, the one who made the broken whole and who loved the other as sister and brother.

From a production standpoint, Maybe All is Not Lost is a life-giving collaboration between family, of origin and of choice; and friends, old and new. After writing and recording my last album almost entirely by myself, this project provided some much needed community. In addition to seven talented musicians, two diligent visual artists, and a supportive church leadership team, this music was made possible by 88 crowdfunders that paid for the album before hearing a note. More than just financial support, those crowdfunders pushed me to make better art and for that I’m really grateful.

I hope you’ll make this project your own: lean into the beauty that is our God-Who-Is-Beautiful, sigh in the lows, rejoice in the highs, and find your heart drawn close to the heart of God. Let’s sing together sometime.

Soli Deo gloria,



released January 1, 2016

Paul Demer – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, mandolin, percussion
Logan Bowers – drums, percussion
Nathan Berry – cello, piano, keyboards
Eliora Tesfaye – harmony vocals
Melanie Demer – violin
Tom Demer – violin, viola
Graham Jones – keyboards, piano
Katie Hays – spoken word on “Query”
Aaralyn Jones, Kaytee Bates, Lochlan Jones, Lydia Pape, Lance Pape, Katie Hays, Suzanne and Ray Benites - spoken word on “Words of Institution”

Produced and mixed by Paul Demer at the house on S. Center St.
Mastered by David Castell (
“New Light” string arrangement by Nathan Berry and Paul Demer.
All other string arrangements by Tom Demer and Nathan Berry.
Artwork and wallet layout by Paul Soupiset (
Booklet layout by Brooke Qualman (


all rights reserved



Paul Demer Dallas, Texas

Paul Demer's melodic and lyrical blend of folk and pop is reminiscent of the 70s singer-songwriter tradition. Since beginning his solo career in 2011, he's toured across the country in support of two LPs and shared festival and concert bills with Indigo Girls, Jars of Clay, and Gungor. Demer is currently writing and partnering with other Dallas creatives to make the city a more beautiful place. ... more

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Track Name: Query
How goeth it with thy soul?
Track Name: Break Our Hearts Again
We pile up like dry bones,
like orphans gathering.
In burden, we’re broken,
our defenses fracturing.

So break our hearts again.
Stretch us ‘til we bend.
Breathe new life on these tired bones
and make us new again.

Our mountains are crumbling
like sand into the sea.
Our rivers run drier
than the rocks beneath our feet.

We lay our armor down.
Track Name: Yours
We try on the trappings of wealth.
We flirt with companions of comfort.
In all of our ordering of lusts
we’ve jilted your love.

We are yours,
only yours,
no one else’s,
only yours.

We hold to the old way of war,
addicted to self independence.
We rend and we kill with our tongues
in vain and in need.

If iniquities are sand along the costal shore
love is the ocean tide that bathes,
baptizes, makes them whole.
If unfaithfulness is found
inside the driest heart
then great is faithfulness that
douses all the arid parts.

If our faults still leave us desperate for a
place to hide, come to the waters and
we’ll find a shelter, you and I.
If my blame were tossed into the vast and
brilliant sea maybe then my inmost parts
could finally realize just what it means

to be yours,
only yours,
no one else’s,
only yours.

I am yours,
(You’re a mother; you beckon me home.)
only yours,
(You’re a lover and I am your own.)
no one else’s,
(You’re a judge, still my shame you rescind.)
only yours.
(You’re a sovereign who calls me a friend.)
Track Name: No Empty Phrases
Our father in heaven,
holy & true, your name.
Your kingdom come soon,
your will be done here,

on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us our daily bread.
Forgive us all these debts
as we forgive those who sin against us.
Don’t lead us to the trial
but save us from ourselves,
as we forgive.

For yours is the glory.
For yours is the dream.
For yours is the kingdom.
Lead us into your hope.
Track Name: Pursuit
We're on the trail of a messiah;
leaving our boats for pastures new.
We're on the cusp of our resistance;
forgoing our fears for something true.

We run up the hills and through the valleys.
We sprint to the sea and to the shore.
Sit down on the mountaintop and listen;
still struggling to name what we're looking for.

Worship is pursuit.
Worship is trailing.
Worship is pursuit.
Worship is following where you lead.

We look in the pages of our bibles.
We wade in the waters of rebirth.
We drink of the blood and taste the body,
still probing the sacraments for worth.

But sometimes in water, word, and welcome
I hear the patter of footsteps just behind.
Those moments I turn to see my savior
I find he's been chasing the whole time.

Worship is pursued.
Worship is fleeing.
Worship is pursued.
Worship is finding that I'm found out.

I find you
When I've already been found out.

Worship is finding that I’m found out,
in love.
Track Name: Maybe All is Not Lost
The tides roll in,
tearing down what we built up.
The sun is going down;
the day is done.

And nothing is in place,
nothing in its truest form.
We stumble in the dark
looking for light.

You are turning this world around
one day at a time.
You are giving us eyes to see
so we can find you.

I tremble at the thought
that all this could be falling down,
but when my strength is gone
that’s where you come.

Help me find you
in my darkest days when all seems to be lost.
Help me hear you when you call.

You are turning my life around
one day at a time.
You are spinning me upside down
so I can find you.
Track Name: Walls
Father, forgive us for we know not what we do.
We criticize too quickly; still it’s hard to let them abuse you.
We judge too soon; though it pains us to see them use you
to justify their hate and prejudice and fear.

We tear down walls only to build up new ones,
undermine false laws just to write up new ones.
In hopes of writing true ones
we box you in again.

Lord knows we’re trying to live like we’re at peace,
but inside we’re dying to prove that we’re not like them.
And God knows it’s hard to love the ones who damn your friends,
so we justify our judgment with a book of love.

Set us free
and lay it all down.
Set me free.
Won’t you lay it all down?

Father, forgive me for I know not what I do;
I judge your children quickly.
Track Name: Words of Institution
We remember that on the night Jesus was betrayed, he took a loaf of bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it and said, “This is my body that is for you. Do this in remembrance of me.” In the same way, he took the cup also, after supper, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood. Do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of me.” For as often as we eat this bread and drink the cup, we proclaim our Lord’s death until he comes. All are welcome at the table of our Lord.
Track Name: One and the Same
Most holy Son of God,
incarnate for us,
you set a table in our midst
for the one who loved,
the one who sold you out,
the one who lied and ran away.

Without one or the other
it would not be complete.
You invite us to this table,
one and the same.

Most holy Son of Man,
you’ve broken for us
your bread and body, wine and blood
for the ones who seek,
the ones who sought your end,
the ones who mourned the dying day.

Without criminals and robbers,
hanging justly accused,
we might miss your forgiveness
of one and the same.

Most holy Prince of Peace,
stooped down on a knee
to wash the feet of your friends;
the ones who knew
not yet what you would do
to prove the depth of your love.

If not for blinded disciples
we may not know the tale.
Scales fall down as our eyes open,
one and the same.

Additional Verse:

Most holy Spirit, still
enlivening this space,
you set our sights to you again.
When bodies break
to see your kingdom born
heaven and earth bleed to one.

Without mourners and malcontents
we might lose sight the day
when pining hearts are surprised by joy,
one and the same.
Track Name: New Light
I hear a pitch in the breeze
as the sun falls into the horizon.
The soft light floods my eyes;
I’m dreaming of a place I've never known.

I've got a handful of regrets
and a handful of memories I can't forget,
and, while the past still calls me back,
I know more lies beyond this setting sun.

So where you call me I'll go
if you lead me there and let me know
that this is pain that we'll outgrow
when the new light starts to show.

Sometimes the pain gets in the way,
and we start to let things lose their spark.
Though in darkness we can't see,
we still feel the warmth of the early morning sun.

And where you call us we'll go
if you lead us there and let us know
that this is pain that we'll outgrow
when the new light starts to show.

Where are we to go
when the darkest shade is cast?
Can you give me some direction?
‘Cause I know there's truth
behind the veil that we see,
and I feel it beginning to be
new light.

We gotta move to know we're alive
when living becomes a mere survival.
We soak it in and open our eyes;
still hoping for a hope that never dies.
Track Name: Benediction
Go out as people of God
forgiven, blessed, and filled.
Share all you have.
Return no evil for evil.
Be the hands and feet of Jesus
in a world that needs what we’ve got.
To the glory of God, amen.